Alouette III / Lama Parts and COmponents Available

Main Rotor Head 3160S12-20-000-7
Main Rotor Hub 3160S12-10-020-1
Hydraulic Dampers 3130S13.65.000.00
Main Gearbox 319A62.00.000.4
Main Rotor Mast 3160S68.10.000.4
Clutch with Adapter 3160S63.20.000.7
Clutch 703A35.0000.18
Freewheel Shaft 3160S60.10.000.2
Intermediate Bearing 3130S67.12.000.1
Cardan Drive Shaft 3160S67.11.000.1
Tail Gearbox 3160S66.10.000.5
Tail Rotor Head 3160S33.30.000.861
Servo Control 3130S73.71.917
Servo Control 3130S73.71.905
Cock/Valve/Pump, Fuel 9567910280
Coil, Dual Ignition 9581220100
Coil, Ignition 81268-010
Contactor, Start 2520
Contactor, Start 9553020020
Start Card 0077617090
Start Device 0074358000
Start Valve Assy 0074145000
Tach Generator, MGB 8461-BB
Filter Valve 3160S75.10.901
Servo Valve 3130S73.71.916
Hydraulic Pump 3130S73.71.913
Hydraulic Block A3-24271 M1
Brake Assembly A3-21201M1
Houdaille Damper 3160S87.10.800-AV4S.3
Nose Landing Gear A10-22812 M4
Damper Strut (Lama) 315A46.10.080
Hoist 76 300-100 / 200
Cargo Hook Siren A90B
All dual use

Alouette and Lama Parts for Sale or Exchange

Brand new 3160S34-12-000-00P Tail Rotor Blades

We have in our inventory a complete set of hard to find brand new 3160S34-12-000-00P
tail rotor blades with EASA Form 1
We have many New, Overhauled, and Serviceable Alouette and Lama parts in our warehouseready to go.  Below are listed some of the parts we have for outright sale or for exchange.


Description Part No S/N Condition TSO

Main Transmission 319A62-00-000-4 NT3652 OH 0.0 TSO
Main rotor head assy 3160S12-20-000-7 M-2721 OH 0.0 TSO
Clutch Unit (standard) 3160S63-20-000-7 FR-985 OC 0.0 TSO Brg’s
Clutch Unit (standard) 3160S63-20-000-7 FR-886 OC 0.0 TSO Brg’s
Cardan drive shaft 3160S67-11-000-150 M3410 OH 0.0 TSO
Freewheel assy 3160S60-10-000-2 03/01/42 OC 0.0 TSO
Intermediate bearing 3130S67-12-000-1 M15817 OH 0.0 TSO
Fuel Pump 5415-3 575 OH 0.0 TSO
SERVO Control SC4300-1 3798 OH 0.0 TSO
842 OH 0.0 TSO
Starter Generator 9580111370 ( alt 2687A2 ) 2530 OH 0.0 TSO
ENGINE OIL COOLER 12-85-598 ALT PN 13-85294-C 3170 OH
ENGINE OIL COOLER 12-85-598 ALT PN 13-85294-C 2489 OH
VOLTMETER 511-1 2743 OH
VOLTAGE REGULATOR D091-1 640 Repaired
SAMM PUMP TYPE 720 3160S77-01-906 1310 OH



All parts come
with FAA 8130-3 or EASA form 1 certification.

Your surplus inventory

We are always on the lookout for new stocks of components to add to our inventory so if you have surplus parts for sale send us your list to and we will be happy to consider what you have to offer.


We have many other
parts in stock, but not listed please contact us with your requirements at

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AeroXS News

Dear Friend of AeroXS,
HAI is over for another year-how did you all enjoy it? Hope it was enjoyable-and profitable-for those of you fortunate enough to get there.

We have some good specials on offer for many helicopter types, please ensure you check them out here and at our website There is something for just about every Eurocopter helicopter….

Alouette III/Lama Drivetrain parts

Those of you on our newsletter email list will remember in our January Newsletter we mentioned that tail rotor blades are soon going out of production? We have in our inventory a complete set of brand new 3160S34-12-000-00P tail rotor blades with EASA Form 1

We also have in our Exchange Pool a Main Rotor Head (P/N
3160S12-20-000-7) with 0 hrs TSO. It comes with FAA 8130-3 and EASA Form 1 (dual release). Available for outright sale OR exchange. Serial No. M-2721. email us at for further details.

We know there is a shortage of Artouste 3B1 engines PN 0218005200, so if you have one for sale, or know someone who has, let us know.  We have customers waiting for them.

Don’t despise the day of small things: PN30G20 are only small pulleys, but they are in short supply.  We recently got 20 in and sold them immediately.  Do you have some?  Tell us.

Our substantial inventory holds many other new, overhauled or serviceable components including newly available EC 120, BK117, BO105 and AS365 parts. Contact us on with all your parts needs, or check out our Classified Ads on

We are always looking to add new inventory so if you have a package of spares for sale please forward your list to us (

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SA 315B Lama extreme flying – Bex 07

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Eurocopter Spare Parts Inventory Listings

Here are our latest listings of spare parts for sale:
(Note: these parts are in stock and available for immediate delivery – subject to prior sale)

If you need any of these parts, please contact AeroXS Sales on +1-478-237-0020 or with your requirements.

LAMA / Alouette III components available for exchange

Hello Everyone,

here is a current list of components and equipment we have for exchange. All with FAA 8130-3 / Easa form1 release.

Description Serial Condition Time Since O/H Hours
Main rotor blade        
3160S-11-35-000-02 15035 SVC 2290.4 TSN 3709.6 remain
Main rotor blade        
3160S-11-30-000-02 15046 SVC 2290.4 TSN 709.6 remain
Main rotor blade        
3160S-11-30-000-02 15041 SVC 2290.4 TSN 709.6 remain
Main rotor head assy        
3160S12-20-000-7 M-2721 OH 0.0 TSO 1800.0 Remain
Main Rotor Shaft Assy        
3160S68-10-000-4 M-2150 OH 0.0 TSO 1500.0 Remain
Clutch Unit (standard)        
3160S63-20-000-7 FR-985 OC 0.0 TSO  Brg’s 1500.0 Remain
Clutch Unit (standard)        
3160S63-20-000-7 FR-426 OC 0.0 TSO  Brg’s 1500.0 Remain
Tail rotor Gear box        
3160S66-10-000-5 3731 OH 993.8 TSO 1006.2 Remain
Cardan drive shaft        
3160S67-11-000-150 M3410 OH 0.0 TSO  
Freewheel assy        
3160S60-10-000-2 3-1342 OC 0.0 TSO  
Tail Rotor Head        
3160S66-10-000-5 M2353 O/H 0.0 TSO 1170.3 Remain
Tail Rotor Head        
3160S66-10-000-5 M490 O/H 0.0 TSO 1105.8 Remain
T/R Blade        
3160S34-11-000-00 24270 SVC 1359.6 TSN 1140.4 Remain
T/R Blade        
3160S34-11-000-00 24271 SVC 1359.6 TSN 1140.4 Remain
T/R Blade        
3160S34-11-000-00 24272 SVC 1359.6 TSN 1140.4 Remain
Fuel Pump        
5415-3 575 OH 0.0 TSO  
SERVO Control        
SC4300-1 3798 OH 0.0 TSO  
  2528 OH 0.0 TSO  
  88331 OH 0.0 TSO  
Speed Govenor        
0064395030 F362B OH 0.0 TSO  

EC 120 Black friday specials

more black friday specials , this time for the  EC 120 …..


  1. C535A1101055   Tail boom                                              New surplus
  2. C535A3101054    Fenestron                                             New Surplus
  3. 705A4243049  (alt PN 4502-101-2) Pilot seat        New surplus
  4. C526S2101052    Cabin door LH equiped                    New Surplus
  5. C551S1101053    Horizontal stabilizer                          Repaired 


  1. C632A0101052   Epicyclic reduction gear                     Overhauled
  2. C652A0101055   Tail gear box                                            Overhauled
  3. SC5091              Servo Control                                                 Overhauled
  4. C622A2008101   Upper Sleeve                                            New surplus
  5. C622A2009101   Lower Sleeve                                            New Surplus
  6. GHC100-6         Hydraulic unit                                              Repaired
  7. C623A2110103  Scissor assy                                                Repaired  
  8. ML1001             oil Pump                                                           New surplus

Optional Equipment

  1. C256A720105400  Flotation gear assy (RP)                                  New surplus
  2. C214A111005102  Heating Kit for cold weather                            New surplus
  3. C256A110105173  WSPS Cable Cutter (upper and lower RP)   New surplus 

All subject to prior sales .

All pats have either Easa form 1 or Faa 8130-3.

Have a nice day !

EC 135 Black friday specials

We have the following Kits for sale : All NEW SURPLUS condition

  1. L210M5801053  Aicron system
  2. L761C1801003  Sandfilter kit
  3. L851M2852102 External Hoist Removable parts ( includes cable cutter )
  4. L221M7801051 SAS pitch roll
  5. L521M3043051 RH Sliding Door Removable parts
  6.  L521M3041053 LH Sliding Door Removable parts 
  7. Floatation gear compatible landing gear – includes skids PN L321M831102  


  1. 4649208024       oil Pump                                Repaired
  2. 4649005005       Blower transmission        Repaired
  3. L651M2008101 Shaft long assy                    Repaired

  Airframe Equipment

  1.  L316M30C1003                 Cockpit display system       Repaired
  2. C19243AB02                        CAD                                              Repaired
  3. 9606-10-03-3x21910R   Adjustable pilot seat            Repaired 
  4. 4361646                                 landing light retaractable   Repaired
  5. 017500-11                            Search light                              Repaired
  6. 23032-062                           Starter generator                   Repaired

 All parts with come with Easa form 1 or faa 8130-3 .

All parts subject to prior sales.

 Contact us for oter parts not here.

Bo 105 Components and Equipment for sale

All items are either repaired or overhauled with FAA 8130-3 or Easa form 1

BO 105 Equipment – repaired or Overhauled condition for sale

D2979-7-4 SERVOMOTOR 1
017500-11 SEARCH LIGHT 1
109290 RATE GYRO 2
41850A14-4580 LANDING LIGHT 2

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More equipment is available, please email us.

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