BK117 Float Gear assy (RP) including float skids

BK 117 float assy RP

BK 117 float assy RP

We are pleased to offer a used set of BK117 floatation gear (RP)  PN: 117-84010 , that includes the float skid tubes. 7.3 hrs total time with Easa form1  after inspection when they were removed. The bags require a 5yr inspection.

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AS350 RH Sliding Door & Reduced Door

RH Sliding Door and RH Reduced Door for the AS350 in SVC condition.  Contact Us for more information and pricing.


RH Sliding Door

IMG_0975a IMG_0968a


RH reduced door

IMG_0980a IMG_0976a

We also have many other parts for Alouette II, Alouette III/Lama and other Eurocopter aircraft.

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Alouette / Lama Engine Parts


You may not think of trying us for your engine spare parts needs but we have a great variety of Artouste and Astazou spare parts in stock.


Here are a few:


Ignitor Cables0043207070
Starter Contactors –  9553020020 ( 258B)
Contactors –  2520
Start Card 0077617090
Ignition Coil9581220120 ( 81268-122)
Ignition Coil9560126650 ( 67370-01)



Artouste parts


Plus many, many more not listed here, including Micro Pumps, Transmitters, Starter Generators , Starter Carbon Brushes to Screws, Washers, Nuts and Clamps etc etc


Email us at sales@aeroxs.com for any more info on the above parts or for anything else that you’re looking for.


Check our Classifieds listings for new parts that are being added all the time.


If you contact us because you saw something on this blog post that you’re interested in, let us know!


Alouette Lama Spare Parts




This afternoon we just took delivery of our second lot of Alouette II, Alouette III & Lama spare parts.  There are hundreds of parts, many of which are in original Eurocopter sealed OEM packaging.


We’re slowly working our way through everything to list into our inventory.  Our Classifieds listings will also be updated with new additions.


If you’re looking for specific parts, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We may not yet have listed what you’re looking for.



Check out our website: http://www.aeroxs.com

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Thanksgiving 2012



Here in the US, we’ve been preparing for Thanksgiving tomorrow (Thursday), and it’s not just about turkey and stuffing and desserts.


We’ll be taking off Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd, but will be back in the office on Monday 26th.


Remember to check out our Classifieds Listings and our Blog, where most of the content of our newsletters is also posted, along with other extras that you may not see in a newsletter. You can still email us at sales@aeroxs.com and we’ll get back to you on Monday 26th November.


For those of you in the US, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving week, and to all our customers scattered all around the world, we appreciate and are grateful for your continued business and support. We have much to be thankful for here at AeroXS, and we want to continue to be your first choice for discounted Eurocopter Helicopter Spares.


Lama Main Rotor Blades



2 sets of Main Rotor Blades available




3160S11-85-000-00Serviceable condition with about 5100 hours remaining.  Will have an operators serviceable tag.


LOM Composite BladesNew condition 6000 hours time remaining with FAA 8130-3  Manufactured 2010.



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