AS350 / EC135 / EC120 / BO105 EQUIPMENT


Shortly we will be receiving some AS350 and AS355 parts, including a RH Sliding Door assy. Did you know we also have many AS350 interior optional parts such as upholstery, seat cushions and seat covers in New Surplus condition!


In addition to this we have a few serviceable standard high back pilot and co-pilot seats as well as new crash resistant pilot seats that can be used on the newer AS350s and EC120 aircraft.


  • AS350 RH Sliding Door Assy – Reduced and Sliding doors – 2 Sets
  • AS350 Vertical reference Window kit Dart – Medium size – As removed
  • AS350 complete interior upholstery ( tan color) – As removed – door, ceiling, back wall etc
  • AS350B3 Aircon system – missing some ducts – As removed
  • AS350/ EC120 Impact resistant Pilot Co pilot seats – New surplus
  • AS350 / EC120 Retractable landing lights – Repaired
  • EC120  Floatation Gear Removable Parts– New Surplus
  • EC135 Settlement Proctection kit Soft ground skid pads – New Surplus
  • EC135 Anti Glare cowling -New surplus
  • BO105  Pilot Seat – New Surplus


Contact Us for information/photos of any of these parts or for something else that you’re looking for.


Our Classifieds Listings are always being updated as well.



Alouette & Lama Parts and Equipment


Artouste 3B1 Engine

SN:975 – 658.19 hrs remaining

SN: 1890 – 762 hrs remaining

SN: 2408 – 561.9 hrs remaining


Main Rotor Blade 

LOM Blades –

L3160-100-03 – New set – 6000 hrs remaining

3160S11-35-000-02 – SVC – 5096.6hrs remaining on each blade 3 blades available


Main Rotor Mast3160S68-10-000-4

SN: M-1939 – SVC condition – 213.33 hrs remaining

SN: M-837   – SVC condition – 584.08 hrs remaining


Main Transmission 319A62-00-000-4

SN: 32769 – OH condition     – 1200 hrs remaining

SN: NT3548 – SVC condition  – 536.26 hrs remaining (on first overhaul)


Clutch – 3160S63-30-000-4

SN: YU963 – OH condition

SN: YU3108 – SVC condition – 866 hrs remaining until bearing change


Freewheel – 3160S60-10-000-2

SN: 3-1342 – Time continued repair – O hrs TSR

SN: 3C1165 – SVC- 596 hrs remaining


Cardan Drive Shaft   – 3160S67-11-000-150

SN:M3410 – OH condition

SN: M3604 – SVC Condition


Intermediate Bearing3130S67-12-000-1

SN: M15817 – OH condition

SN: M16229 – SVC condition


Tail rotor drive shaft 315A65-00-000-1

SN: M1417 – SVC condition


Tail rotor drive shaft  – 3160S65-10-000-4

SN: M4180 – New Surplus


Tail Rotor Gearbox  – 3160S66-10-000-5

SN:3511 – OH Condition – 2000 hrs remaining

SN: 1259 – SVC – 374.4 hrs remaining

SN: 3-3341 – SVC – 1541.50 hrs remaining


Tail Rotor Hub  – 3160S33-30-000- 7/8

SN: FR79 – OH condition – 1200 hrs remaining

SN: FR766 – OH condition – 1200 hrs remaining

SN: M2168 – SVC condition – 175.24 hrs remaining


Tail Rotor Blades – 3160S34-12-000-00P

3 blades – 665.52 hrs remaining on each blade


All the above parts come with either an EASA Form 1 or an FAA 8130-3



Alouette and Lama Equipment – For Sale


Cargo swing H Frames  ( Alouette 3 and Lama )

Bubble Windows  ( Alouette 3 and Lama )

Skid mounted mirror  ( Lama / Alouette 3 )

Mirror assy  nose mounted  ( Lama )

Particle Separators Aeroflow and PALL  ( Lama )

Skis  ( Alouette II and Lama )

Utility basket   ( Lama )


We have multiple Alouette 3s and Lamas available should you require any used airframe parts, e.g.  cowlings, panels, interior etc.   We have them, including a fresh 3200H inspected Lama tail boom and Lama center frame. 


Contact Us for more information on any of these parts or for any other requirements.


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Floatation Gear – Alouette 3, EC120, AS350, BK117



Floatation gear fixed parts

New Surplus.  Eurocopter JAA Form 1



Kit PN C256A720105400

Floatation Gear Assy Removable Parts

New Surplus – includes Bags and cylinder bottle

Eurocopter EASA Form 1 – Will have a fresh inspection






KIT PN 117-84010

Floatation Gear

Removable Parts assy + float gear skids

7.3 hrs Time since New, Inspected with EASA Form 1 dated 2009

Date of Manufacture 2008  – bag needs inspection






PN 207835-0

Float Gear FP for AS350

New Surplus

EASA Form 1 – Aerazur


Contact Us for more information about these parts or about anything else that you’re looking for.


450lb Hoist Assy for AS350/AS355


450lb Hoist Assy.  Good for AS350/AS355.

New Surplus Condition.  Original Log Card

 450lb Hoist




Hoist PN BL-29700-23

Grip Control PN CP1600-1

Variable Speed Controller PN EC140002

Cable Assy PN EC 14190-1

Hoist Cover PN BL14823-1


We also have the wiring looms, support rods etc., for the removable parts and a few misc fixed parts for the Hoist Assy.


Contact Us for more information


BK117 Float Gear assy (RP) including float skids

BK 117 float assy RP

BK 117 float assy RP

We are pleased to offer a used set of BK117 floatation gear (RP)  PN: 117-84010 , that includes the float skid tubes. 7.3 hrs total time with Easa form1  after inspection when they were removed. The bags require a 5yr inspection.

Please contact us for more details






AS350 RH Sliding Door & Reduced Door

RH Sliding Door and RH Reduced Door for the AS350 in SVC condition.  Contact Us for more information and pricing.


RH Sliding Door

IMG_0975a IMG_0968a


RH reduced door

IMG_0980a IMG_0976a

We also have many other parts for Alouette II, Alouette III/Lama and other Eurocopter aircraft.

Contact us for more details. Check out our Classifieds listings as well.

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